Top 15 Tips to Write Sales Copy That Rocks

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Top 15 Tips to Write Sales Copy That Rocks

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Good sales copy can be elusive. Just about anyone can write copy, but not everyone can write good copy, and not everyone can write copy that actually sells. We’ve seen the big names in the industry do it well (Apple comes to mind), but can you identify the components that make this kind of sales copy successful? There are certain aspects that need to be introduced and included, some of them more important than others. You may notice them, you may not. Let’s break it down into 15 tips for excellent sales copywriting services.

1. Create a narrative

People love hearing stories. In fact, they love it so much that we have multiple art forms and entire industries based on this. Theatre, opera, fiction-writing, movies, TV shows, etc. – they all capitalize on the human need to witness narratives unfold. That is exactly what you need to take advantage of in your sales copy. Every good ad tells a gripping story, so you’ve gotta make sure you have the basic components:

  • Introduction, where you present the situation, characters, etc.
  • Conflict, where you give insight into the problem.
  • Denouement, in which the solution is found and the conflict is resolved.

Pro tip: In your case, your product or service is always the solution, the hero, and the way to solve the problem.

2. Focus on one big idea

Strong sales copy is never the one where you inundate the customer with ten thousand different ideas and sales pitches and try to present your product as a myriad of different things. Your product or service is not going to solve all your customers’ problems, and that is not what you should market. Instead, focus on what makes your product strong. What is the major feature your product has to offer? What is the innovation it brings? What is the biggest difference between this new version of the service or product and other previous incarnations? Present this as the focal point.

3. Include genuine-sounding testimonies

Testimonies can be an excellent way to persuade potential customers of the quality of your product, but only if they’re actually sincere, or at least sound like they are. There is nothing worse than made-up testimonies, because they always sound so fake and overly-praising. What is going to amp up your sales copywriting services is a genuine feeling.

YES: “I had never heard of X Company, and I was a little nervous about the quality of their services, but they pulled through and I am very satisfied with the results. I recommend them!”

NO: “X Company is the best team I have ever worked with! I will never go to anyone else again, because these are the best services I have ever received!”

4. Write short, memorable quotes

Long, drawn-out sentences about why you’re the best won’t convince anyone. In fact, they will bore people and elicit more than a few eye rolls. Instead, consider coming up with a few short, but impactful and memorable quotes about your product and the features it offers.

Example: “Sleek, fast, and powerful – the new Toyota XYZ”, as opposed to “The new Toyota XYZ is a beautiful, sleek car, with a powerful engine that allows it to run fast.”

Notice the difference? The first statement is much more powerful than the second, because it lays out the features without much else. They pack punch after punch: sleek, fast, and powerful – a triple threat. This is what potential customers need to remember from your sales copy.

tips for better sales copy5. Simplicity always wins

The mistake many copywriters make is believing that sales writing means coming up with strategies and campaigns that are as complicated as possible, when really, it’s about simplicity. More than anything else, sales copy has to be easy to understand. You have to speak the language of the customer, and you have to speak it as simply as you can, so that your message reaches the right ears. Don’t bend over backwards to demonstrate how great your product or your service is. Include the details and let it speak for itself.

6. Describe benefits

This is how you get customers hooked – tell them about the benefits of your product or service. This is what is going to persuade them, because at the end of the day, why would they care about how great your product is, unless it benefits them in some way? Make it sound indispensable; your customers have to feel like they can’t live without it. That is the mark of excellent sales copywriting services.

Pro tip: When writing this, think like a consumer. “Why would I buy this product?”, “What would interest me about this product?”, and “What benefits can this product bring me?” should be the questions du jour.

7. Don’t skimp on the details

Surprisingly, or maybe not, details sell. And I mean technical details that you wouldn’t necessarily think would interest the masses, but they do. They offer credibility and inform customers.

Example: Let’s say you’re offering sales copywriting services to a phone company. Make sure to include exactly how many inches the screen has, how long the battery lasts, how many GB the HDD has, etc. Customers can get an idea of what they’re buying and they feel like they’re making an informed decision.

8. Anticipate customer questions – and answer them

When you are presenting any new service or product – especially if it’s innovative or complex – your customers are going to have questions about it. The secret to good sales writing is to anticipate these questions and do your best to answer as many of them as possible in your sales copy. Lack of important details can lead to loss of interest, or annoyance. After all, not everyone is willing to start doing research on your product and waste time emailing you their questions. Beat them to it and answer everything that may come up; your customers will thank you.

9. Calls To Action every step of the way

Every writer who offers sales copywriting services knows how important it is to include calls to action. Calls to action capitalize on our natural curiosity and inability to resist, when presented with a prompt like this. You should have multiple calls to action in your sales copy:

  • When presenting benefits: “Read more”, “Find out more”, etc.
  • When announcing new launches: “Sign up to receive the latest info”, etc.
  • When asking to buy: “Get it now”, “Start now”, etc.

10. Keep the sentences short and readable

Long-form sales copy has been proven to be more effective – the more time you spend listing benefits, the better. However, long-form does not mean long sentences and paragraphs. You want to make your copy as quick and easy to read as possible. How do you do that? By keeping your paragraphs short and your phrases even shorter. Think straight to the point.

Pro tip: When you’re done writing a piece of copy, go through and eliminate most of the adjectives, because that’s nothing more than fluff. “This new, incredible, amazing product” is not better than “This new product”.

11. Exude confidence in your product

Something you will notice in major companies with wildly successful ad campaigns is that they are almost intimidatingly confident about their product. The mentality you are selling here is that this is the greatest product that has ever been created. There is no doubt about it, or room for the competition. In fact, you don’t even acknowledge the competition, because as far as you are concerned, they don’t exist. That’s why the copy is always so simple – you don’t need adjectives, when you have quality and confidence.

12. Don’t oversell it

Sales writing doesn’t mean screaming at the customer about how GREAT THIS INCREDIBLE UNIQUE OFFER FOR THIS OUTSTANDING PRODUCT IS!!!!

…you know what I mean? An influx of adjectives and exclamation marks make you sound desperate. In fact, avoid using exclamation marks; good copy doesn’t need them. Instead, remain calm and confident. Remember what I said earlier? This is the best product there is; you don’t need the hard sell, because it’s annoying and so, so fake.

13. Make use of their imagination

This ties back in with the use of narrative I was talking about in the beginning. Have your customers imagine something. A great way to start a piece of copy is like this:

  • “Imagine a world in which…”
  • “Think of the perfect…”
  • “Picture the best x you can imagine…”,etc.

Imagination is a powerful tool and it puts customers in a good mood. Why? Because you’ve just asked them to think about their “happy place”; somewhere they feel comfortable, or something they really want, or really like. Now, it is equally important to follow that introduction with your product.

Pro tip: For maximum impact, show them not how your product is making their dreams come true, but how it makes them even better.

14. You, you, YOU

tips to making your sales copy sellSome people would say that sales copy is about the product, but seasoned writers who offer sales copywriting services know that it is as much about the customer as it is about the product. More, I would argue. Why? Because no matter how good your product is, you are working with the customer; they are the one you have to convince. That’s why you need strong, impactful words that make reading your sales copy a personal experience: the magic word “you”:

  • Your product”
  • “…make your life better…”
  • “Get your product now”
  • You will get/have/see/enjoy”
  • “It will benefit your…”

15. Address or eliminate possible issues

Let’s be real – there is no such thing as the perfect product. No matter what incredible product or service you are advertising, it will have some downsides. Maybe it’s expensive, maybe it has a lot of calories, or maybe it doesn’t last for as long as some would want. Instead of dodging these problems, address them full on – and come up with solutions:

  • Too expensive? Offer a payment plan or focus on the tremendous value.
  • Too rich in calories? Suggest an ideal portion size.
  • Fragile? Give advice on how to take care of the product so that it remains in good condition for as long as possible.

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