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Terms and Conditions

Make sure that you pay careful attention while reading these Terms of Use before proceeding with any action on Typing Pandas web page. By using this website, you express your agreement with all terms and conditions included here. Unless you have any objection to any of the Typing Pandas Terms and Conditions, you may use this website. Typing Pandas reserves its right to modify and update the Terms without notice, only by complying with any law or requirement of any regulatory body. By using the website you agree with all potential modifications and updates.

Information on this website

Typing Pandas makes all the necessary effort to maintain the content of the website, in all its forms, as accurate and up to date as possible. However, neither Typing Pandas nor any other content provider acting on our behalf makes any express or implied representations or warranties regarding the correctness, consistency, and quality of information and content on this web page. Furthermore, the content on this website is presented with the sole purpose of information and must not be taken as a source of consult or advice. To the extent permitted by law, Typing Pandas excludes any common warranties implied by custom, usage or the common law. Typing Pandas asserts the right to change, at any time and for any reason, the content and information provided on this webpage if the situation is of such a nature. In consequence, should you find any incongruence or inaccuracy in the content of this website, please do not hesitate and communicate it to our email address: hello@typingpandas.com or typingpandas@gmail.com.

Trademarks, Client Rights and Restrictions

The website TypingPandas.com with all the content and information displayed here is copyright property of the typingpandas.com¬†registered trademark. All materials included here, trademarks, service marks, photos, graphics and text belong to TypingPandas and the usage, reproduction, transmission or distribution of any of these without the prior written permission of the owners is strictly prohibited. The copyrights belong to TypingPandas and are transferred to the client only after they have accepted the order and after the funds equaling the cost of the order have been removed from the client’s account. Starting with the moment when the order is accepted and the content is paid for, the client has complete right over the received materials, including the right to publish, reproduce, display, modify and use them in any methods and purposes as much in the printed or virtual world.

Linked Web Sites

At some points only and during certain periods of time, this website may include links to external web pages and maintain them for various reasons. However, unless stated otherwise, TypingPandas has no control, personal interest or right over the content displayed in any of these web sites. The fact that they might be presented here is for convenience only and must not be taken as a sign of our approval, preference or recommendation of the owners or of any of the products, services or content included in these web pages. The decision to link to any of these websites belongs entirely to you and the effects of such a decision cannot be placed upon us.

Linking to this Website

TypingPandas is not against the idea of linking different external websites, be it a business or personal website, to their site for convenience purposes. This way, if you think that it would be appropriate to maintain a connection to our website, you may either link to this site directly or from within a frameset of another website. However, we would appreciate it if you first let us know (through our email address: hello@typingpandas.com or typingpandas@gmail.com) in order to give us the chance to be fully aware of all our external connections.

Website User Activity

As stated above, TypingPandas transfers the copyright entirely to the client once with the acceptance of the order and, in consequence, our team cannot be accused of any of the effects produced by the public submission of any material. However, for various reasons and under different circumstances, TypingPandas asserts the right to remove any written content or other material that is intended for the public distribution. Some of the reasons that might lead to such a drastic measure can be: the violation of any copyright, trade mark or any other property rights of TypingPandas; the distribution of corrupted materials or any other programs that can endanger our operation system; the usage of any material against the law or that could be taken as a source of discrimination, abuse, harassment, or any other violation of the individual rights. TypingPandas can change the causes of such a decision, in accordance to the rights of the client, at any time and with no notice. Your further collaboration with us means that you are aware of all these and that you agree to them. Furthermore, by proceeding, you accept and confirm not to use any written material or any other means that are in contradiction with the previously mentioned ideology and that could place TypingPandas, directly or indirectly, in the undesired position of having to pay, under any form, for your public distribution of any such material. In the same way, your further usage of our services is a sign of your acceptance to indemnify us and any other content provider that might collaborate with us from and against any and all liabilities and costs caused by our use of the materials, images, programs, documentation or any other means that were supplied by you with the purpose of directing and instructing us for the final desired result.

Personal Information

TypingPandas reserves the right to collect the personal information submitted by you on our web site: name, email address, phone number, address or other identification methods. However, we guarantee not to publicize any of the personal identification information in any way that could cause harm to any of our clients. More details and clarification regarding the sharing of your personal information can be found in the Privacy Statement section.


As already mentioned in the above section, TypingPandas website and all the materials included and produced here are provided without any expressed or implied warranties. TypingPandas does not warrant that each and every section and function of the website and the server is in such a condition as not to harm in any way the operating system of the client or that the services and materials offered are in an absolute flawless condition. Furthermore, TypingPandas does not make any warranties regarding the consistency, accuracy, reliability, or other characteristics regarding the quality of the content displayed on our web page. TypingPandas does not assume any responsibility, be it legal, moral, or of any other kind, regarding the external web sites linked to our page. The clients and users who choose to follow these links and access the content of those websites do so according to their personal judgment and wish only. TypingPandas does not warrant for the accuracy, security and utility of the content of any of the external websites. TypingPandas does not assume any responsibility for the potential loss, injury, liability or damage of any kind caused by the usage of the information, documentation or material in any form from our web pages, programs and software.

Comments or Question

For any concern, question, misunderstanding or comment of any nature regarding the quality of the services offered, the condition of the website, the issues presented in this section or any other relevant information that you want to communicate to us, please feel free to use one of our email addresses: hello@typingpandas.com or typingpandas@gmail.com.