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We Don’t Just Write Content, We Change Lives

On April 22, 2015, Posted by , In Blog, With No Comments

I just had this thought a few days ago. At first, when we opened our copywriting agency, I believed that we are just offering copywriting services. Nothing less, nothing more. I lived under this impression for the last few months. But, while doing my usual morning routine (that’s drinking a big cup of coffee and thinking about ways to improve my company), this idea hit me: no, we’re not just offering copywriting services, we’re changing lives!

This is indeed a bold statement. But it’s also one I couldn’t believe in less. Let me explain it to you.

Every piece of content a copywriter produces gets read (sometimes even by millions). People searching for content on the web are generally either looking for a solution or an opinion on something. Opinions influence choices, solutions influence lives.

For example, most of the e-books we write for our customers are on topics that cover issues each of us faces day by day(self-help). People reading them are definitely in need of help, and most of the times they can’t afford a doctor, a nutritionist or a psychologist. The content we produce provides them with well-researched solutions, advice that can change their lives for the better or help them in critical moments of their lives.

Or, when you are writing a copy that converts into sales, you are in fact bringing new customers in, you are helping a business thrive. At the same time, reviews influence people’s decisions, blog articles inspire people to take action, fiction books make you dream of better places. You may fail to see this just now, but even this article has left a mark on you, and next time you will be writing a copy, you will not just create content…

…you will be changing lives.

I may be naive to think about things this way. But, after reflecting on this thought for a few days, I see our work in a totally different light now – I feel that we are doing something much more important. Maybe at some point I saved someone’s life, or maybe this will happen in the future. However it might be, I want to make sure that any small piece of this puzzle me or my team will be putting into place, will echo for eternity.

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