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Sales e-mail copywriting

sales emails copywriting serviceOne of the most effective ways of promoting a product or service is through sales e-mails. But the bulk of sales e-mails that are available out there is so incredibly spammy and ineffective, that it doesn’t seem worth it. What you are looking for is professional e-mail copywriting services that actually work. What you are looking for is our Copywriting Superheroes at Typing Pandas!

We have enough experience to know that poorly written sales e-mails won’t make it out of the spam folder and won’t get you anywhere, sales wise. The secret to smart, quality and effective sales e-mails campaigns is to be able to generate sales e-mails that are professional and convincing. That can be achieved through an attractive presentation of the product or service and its features and benefits for the client. We can leave the potential client intrigued and curious for more. Don’t settle for sub-par e-mail copywriting services – contact our writers now!


A very smart way of keeping your audience, followers and subscribers interested and intrigued about your company, website, content or products is to put out a daily, weekly or monthly newsletter. A professional copywriting company like Typing Pandas will be able to offer you e-mail copywriting services that include high-quality, professionally written newsletters that maintain the interest of your subscribers and direct them towards buying new products or features.

Whatever kind of content you want to feature in your newsletter, from summaries to notifications to bonus articles to special announcements or promotions, we can write it for you in an interesting and creative way that will captivate your audience and keep their loyalty.

Direct mail copywriting

When it comes to sales, they can be boosted very efficiently through the use of direct mail, which is something our excellent e-mail copywriting services cover. We are able to help you by generating copy that will make your readers desire your products and will send them running to your page to find out more.

It takes more than just throwing some calls-to-action out there; it takes creativity, business savvy-ness and just a touch of human psychology, all of which are included among the superpowers of our Copywriting Superheroes at Typing Pandas! Want to see the magic for yourself? Contact us now to save the day through our e-mail copywriting services!