The Anatomy of the Perfectly Written Landing Page

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The Anatomy of the Perfectly Written Landing Page

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Creating a highly effective landing page is undoubtedly a crucial aspect when it comes to productive inbound marketing strategy. That’s no secret for sure. If you think about it, without landing pages, it would be much more difficult for marketers to transform website visitors into leads, are you with me? Landing pages offer us the opportunity to direct site visitors and attract an increased number of leads.

First and foremost, when creating landing pages, you should concentrate on restricting the amount of distractions present on your site. More exactly, every visitor that arrives on your landing page has a sole purpose in mind, that of being provided with an attractive offer. Easier said than done, right? Not really. If you wish to get acquainted with the anatomy of a landing page, we have come up with a bunch of basic, key tips you should bear in mind when designing your landing page.

Top Tips for Creating the Best Landing Page

  • Write clear, compelling titles and headlines. This aspect carries a lot of weight, as an attractive title or headline will either attract a visitor or send him/her away. You need to come up with a title that will imminently keep your visitor interested and willing to stay on your site. It makes sense, as, when entering a landing page, the title or headline is basically the first thing that catches the eye. So, use the headline to include your offer as succinct as possible. The headline must answer the following question – what does your offer consist of?
  • Explain the value of your offer. As you certainly want your landing page to attract visitors, and convince them to stay on your site, you need to concentrate on effectively conveying the value of your offer. You need to be clear and concise in delivering this message as well, in only a matter of seconds. If your landing page doesn’t convey this particular aspect effectively, you risk losing a potential customer. Normally, a matter of seconds is the crucial amount of time a person needs to decide whether to remain on the page and keep reading or not. Therefore, you need to clearly convey the value of your offer in the first lines of the landing page. Think about this, if a visitor doesn’t keep on reading, how will he/she be convinced to opt for your services?
  • Convey a unique selling proposition. A basic point when it comes to an effective marketing strategy is your capability of differentiating yourself from other companies that provide the same services. Ask yourself, what is it that singles you out from the competition? After answering this question, you need to take that and put it in a clear way on your landing page. You must convey your offer in a succinct, effortless way, describing your services effectively and conveying why someone would benefit from choosing your services over the competition. Remember, a well-crafted proposition will allow visitors to understand why they should choose you. Focus on that.
  • Use bullet points. Using bullet points when creating your landing page is utterly effective, as it makes the info you present more easily to digest and understand. You want the info on your landing page to be simple, clear and relevant. Bullet points will allow you to convey clear ideas that are, let’s face it, easier to read while at the same time offering a preview of the info you present. This strategy will only keep the visitor engaged and will grow the chances of converting. Keep it short and to the point.
  • Design the lead-capture form. This element is basic. Without it, your landing page is unable to function. The lead capture form is the field in which your visitors will enter their personal information, if interested in your offer. Also, this form basically converts visitors into sales. Generally speaking, when creating the form of the landing page, you ought to take into consideration the amount of form fields you wish to include. It is recommendable you only ask for information that you need. While it’s up to you to decide how many fields you add, longer forms normally lead to better-qualified leads, and shorter forms normally equal more but less qualified leads. You need to test and settle what works best for your business and what will bring you more leads. Another basic aspect you should bear in mind is that a lot of visitors might be overly protective of their private information. So, the more fields you add, the less likely people are to convert.
  • Clear instructions. It is very important you provide your visitors with clear, succinct instructions concerning the steps they need to take in order to receive the offer you are providing. For instance, a simple phrase such as “get in contact” can be highly effective, compared to vague sentences that might only bring confusion to your visitors. Vague phrases such as “submit” should be avoided.
  • A single offer. Another basic aspect you need to take into account is that your landing page should focus on broadcasting a single offer. Providing multiple offers will only be the source of confusion and vagueness, and that’s something your landing page shouldn’t cause. On the contrary, keeping things simple and providing only an offer per landing page will prevent your visitors from becoming distracted and leaving your site.
  • Include privacy policy link. As people might be indecisive whether to fill in the form for your offer, it is crucial you include a privacy policy link to your company. This will ensure your visitors that it is safe for them to fill in their personal information. This move will allow them to comprehend that your company is reliable, and you won’t divulge any private information they may fill in. Doing this will increase the number of leads you will get on your landing page.
  • Remove navigation links. This particular move will grow your chances of keeping your visitors on your landing page. Keep in mind: you want to keep the visitors on your page and limit any possible enticing links. In this view, distractions equal navigation links. You don’t want a potential customer ending up entering another attractive link and leaving your landing page without completing the form to your offer? Of course, you don’t!
  • Add relevant images. It’s always a positive idea to add relevant images on your landing page. A basic pointer would be matching the image with the offer you are providing. Let’s say that you are offering an e-book. In this case, you should add an image with the cover of the e-book. This will offer the potential buyer a tangible idea of what they will be offered if they opt for your services. Plus, pictures certainly enhance a landing page’s overall appearance, making it look more attractive.
  • Include social media share icons. Including social media share icons will enable your visitors to share your landing page with their connections. Don’t overlook this aspect! This simple step will allow you to enlarge the reach of your landing page and will bring you more traffic that equals a higher amount of leads. It makes sense, doesn’t it? Thus, add social media links that will get your visitors to your Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter pages. You have nothing to lose.
  • Include testimonials. Visitors who are indecisive whether to go with your offer or not might be convinced if they read a positive review or testimonial about your product or services. Having guarantees makes it easier for potential customers to fill in the form and opt for your offer. Still, the testimonials you include ought to be relevant, succinct and clear. They need to be in connection with your offer. If they don’t relate to your offer, it’s best you don’t include them on your landing page at all. Only relevant, useful info should be present on a landing page. Less is more.
  • Proofread. While some people might overlook this important aspect, you need to understand that even a tiny grammar or spelling error might broadcast a bad image to your company. You need to build your credibility and deliver a professional approach. Grammatical errors and confusing “than” with “then” or “their” with “they’re” will look sloppy, unprofessional, and will most likely prevent people from conveying your company as professional. It’s not enough to double-check your landing page content. Triple check (at least). If you’re not that experienced when it comes to editing or writing, you can hire people to do that for you. It’s utterly important.
  • Testing. And last, but not least, you needn’t overlook the importance of testing the effectiveness of your landing page. More exactly, even though the enumerated elements are utterly important for ensuring its success and effectiveness, you need to continually test what works best for your company. This is why we recommend you continue testing various options until you come up with the best landing page that suits your particular business. Thanks for stopping by and good luck!

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