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Cheap Press Release Writing ServicesIs it a bird? Is it a plane? It’s the Copywriting Superheroes!

Who are we? We’re Typing Pandas, Copywriting Superheroes! We are passionate about excellent content that fulfils your needs and requests and never disappoints. Our super powers are creativity, imagination, perfectionism, perfect grammar, a unique style, and a real interest in delivering exceptional work. Our team of pandas loves to research, read, write and come up with creative ideas that will help make your content unique, interesting, valuable to the reader, and profitable. We’re very thorough in our work and we like to make sure the content we generate ticks all the boxes, when it comes to quality.

Each member of the team was carefully selected and contributes to the company with their unique super power. Together, with our powers combined, we are able to save the day again and again, by producing intelligent, creative and valuable content that will undoubtedly please both you and your readers. We are proud to be using our forces of good, in order to fight the evil in the content writing world, such as typos, misspellings, bad grammar, poor sentence structure, plagiarism, unoriginal ideas and just plain old boring and unimaginative content creation.
The entire team at Typing Pandas is very passionate about one thing, in particular: producing high-quality content. Any google search will reveal thousands upon thousands of results that are mostly poorly-written pages that severely lack in quality. Not only are they written badly, but they are also poorly optimized for SEO purposes. You have to find just the right keyword and the right kind of optimization for your content, in order to attract clicks and revenue. That is something we can help you with and a job we are happy to perform. Just contact us and we’ll see what we can arrange for your content!
We know how important words are when it comes to brand marketing, and we intend to use our special talents to your advantage. We have a way with words, and your company will benefit from all of our talents, knowledge and creativity, in order to make sure your content is impeccable.

Meet part of the panda coalition for better content

Tiberiu Iavorenciuc - I'm not a coffee addict! CEO Panda

In fact he really is! In the mornings, during his two (large) cups of coffee, Tiberiu likes to personally respond to customers and plan the day ahead. Even if he will never admit it, our CEO is human, just like the rest of us, with simple needs and big dreams. Although he sometimes talks too much, his spirit and enthusiasm push us forward to our ultimate goal: a world with better content!

Andreea Mihalache - The Word Tamer CEO and Content Editor Panda

Among many defining characteristics Andreea may have, probably the most important one is her love for fluffy things. No, she isn't the one who came up with the name, but her passion for pandas definitely played a role. Apart from her obvious desire to create a world with better content, she also hopes that one day we are going to invent real minions that will play a part in our day by day life.

Diana D. - Natural Born Writer Content Writing Panda

Diana, an American Studies graduate, is a full-time copywriter and part-time aspiring fiction writer. She likes black cats, strong morning coffee, Daria, sarcasm, American literature and liquid eyeliner. She hopes to one day publish her own book of short stories, but that’s a long way ahead.

Larisa O. - Classy Writer Content Writing Panda

One of her wishes is to travel around the world. While sometimes meeting new cultures and new people seems perfect, other times she would silently enjoy the surroundings and admire the landscapes. Anyway, as long as she cannot be in a different place on earth every single day, she doesn’t mind spending her time with a good book and a cup of tea. And with a bar of chocolate. Always with a bar of chocolate.

Evelina C. - Because I'm Happy Content Writing Panda

Evelina loves classical music, reading and travelling. Reading is her way of entering new and unkown worlds without actually having to leave the house. Her passion for writing is interwoven with her fancy for reading and good music. She wants to grasp the real meaning each place has to offer, to experience travelling in her own way, to see the world through her own eyes. This is what she dreams to do.

Lacramioara C. - Music Lover Content Writing Panda

Lacramioara has always been a fan of the uncanny, Gothic fiction being among her favorites. Music also takes up a great part of her life, since she is that person that will go insane if she doesn’t have her music around. Her taste in music mirrors her taste in literature (and mostly everything else), which can go from instrumental ambient music to classic rock and down into the depths of metal – all depending on her mood. Music helps her write, and inspires a great deal in everything she does.

Razvan B. - Happy to be of Service Customer Service Panda

When he is not here trying to serve our customer's needs, Razvan tries to get in touch with the nature by regularly going camping, fishing or hunting. He's also a big fan of fish tanks and fish in general.