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24 Post Titles That Grab Attention

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We’ve talked about this on the blog before, but titles are one of the most important (if not THE most important) parts of your blog posts. I know it’s not always easy or the most exciting part of the writing process to come up with a title, but it is so essential because the title is the first thing a reader lays eyes on. The title is what attracts someone to click on your post and give you a shot, so you have to make sure it’s something that will grab attention. Therefore, today’s post is going to be dedicated to 24 post titles that grab attention.


I’m sure everyone and their mom has come across listicles by now, and their popularity is far from dwindling. There is no type of article more popular at the moment because list-type posts are quick and easy to digest for the increasingly impatient audience. In the world of fast and snappy social media, you’ve gotta be able to give the gist in a quick and interesting way.

Pro tip: Make sure to include numbers in these titles, as that is proven to automatically attracts the reader’s attention.

  1. 7 Secrets You Didn’t Know About The Film Industry

Why it works: Including the word “secret” is a great choice, because it creates intrigue and taps into the readers’ natural curiosity. Everybody wants to know a secret, and most of us will not resist the temptation of clicking to find out what it’s about. It can be about virtually anything, from recipes to medical treatments to different industries. Any secret is a good secret.

  1. 10 Thoughts All Teachers Have Had

Why it works: This type of title proves to be very popular, because it’s a great bonding method. It attracts certain groups of people who have something in common: a job, a hobby, a political, social or religious affiliation, etc. These posts are meant to illicit a feeling of familiarity and recognition. “Relatability” is the operative word, here, and it’s something that will always work no matter the subject.

  1. 5 Times TV Characters Gave Great Life Advice

Why it works: This kind of title applies particularly well to pop culture references, such as TV shows, movies, songs, politics, etc. and it will usually reference similar occurrences (positive or negative) across one single platform. It works because these are situations that are mostly likely familiar to the audience but are simply presented in a new way – bundled together, under a specific theme.

  1. 12 Ways In Which You Can Improve Your Selfies

Why it works: Self-improvement is always something that attracts interest. After all, DIY projects and self-help books have become a very profitable business. The magical word “improve” is sure to bring in readers, especially if you couple it with a much-coveted skill. I chose the example above because selfies have become such an integral part of our youth culture centered around social media.

  1. 8 Signs You Might Not Be Suited For Your Job

Why it works: This type is successful for the same reason personality quizzes are – it’s interesting, and it gives insight into a problem that is of concern for most people. These “X Signs”-type articles can range across several niches and interests, and they can be positive or negative. They can also lean more serious or be complete spoofs, like references to cartoon characters or parodies. There is a lot you can do with a piece like this, with a little creativity.

  1. 25 Books That Were Revolutionary At Their Time

Why it works: A high number will work as an incentive to click because people are intrigued. They want to know how could you have possibly come up with so many instances in your particular subject. Again, here, the word “revolutionary” is used to incite and attract interest. It’s a strong, loaded word that will automatically elicit a reaction; these are the kinds of words you’ll want to use. Other examples include “amazing”, “incredible”, “outrageous”, “shocking”, etc.

  1. 10 Mistakes We All Make In Interviews

Why it works: Mistake lists are also of great success because they work as a kind of combination of that desire to improve and the curiosity we were talking about earlier. Of course you want to find out what mistakes you are making – especially if they are very common – so you can never make them again. Especially when it comes to topics like jobs, interviews and anything related to professional life, it’s in all our best interest if we become aware of these mistakes and correct them.

  1. 6 People Who Transformed Pop Culture Forever

Why it works: Bold statements attract a large audience because they make big claims that not all people will agree with. Talking about something in such authoritative terms, particularly when it affects or influences a large number of people or society at large is definitely a brave step, because while it will bring readers, it also puts you at risk of receiving criticism.

Tips-Like Titles

We’re all just looking for ways to take shortcuts, learn tips, tricks or anything else that will help us simplify a task, shorten a process, or circumvent some steps in a more complex activity, right? It’s human nature to want to take the easy way out, which is why we’re always seeking “hacks”.

Pro tip: My previous tip about number applies here. In addition, you’ll want to use words like:

  • “strategies”
  • “tactics”
  • “methods”
  • “tips”
  • “tricks”
  • “secrets”
  • “smart”
  • “intelligent”
  • “time-saving”
  • “effective”
  1. 18 Tips To Make Your Workspace More Enjoyable

Why it works: Any trick to make an unpleasant process more enjoyable is going to get you enthusiastic thumbs up from most people. Combined with a DIY and that numbers trick that we know is effective, such an article is unstoppable, and the title is absolutely click-worthy.

  • 21 Tricks That Will Get You Free Starbucks Drinks

Why it works: I’ve talked about this in other articles, but if you throw the word “free” just about anywhere, you can bet there’s going to be a massive number of people clicking. Why? Because they are attracted to anything free, and they want anything that’s given out for free. So when you offer them FREE tips to get FREE products or services, it’s basically like handing them money. Genius!

  1. 12 Sephora Sample Tips You Didn’t Know About

Why it works: Again, this is similar to the previous one, in that it references a specific brand and some methods of how you can get something from that brand, but without paying. In my example, it’s free samples from Sephora, but it can be anything else. You are teaching people how to go around the system, which is a very attractive idea to a lot of us kids who have a problem with authority.

  1. 7 Secret Methods To Increase Your Productivity

Why it works: Secret + Increase + Coveted-skill = ALL the clicks. It’s impossible not to be successful with this kind of title, because it’s another combination of a lot of different things that people love and that people love reading about. Revealing secrets they are curious about? Check! Increasing or improving something? Check! Including a skill that is desired by almost everyone? Check!

  1. 5 Easy Ways To Save Money

Why it works: Let’s be real for a second – we all try to find the easy way out, right? No matter what your piece is regarding, the word “easy” is always a winner. Especially when it’s paired with a process that is normally difficult or a skill that is hard to acquire, you have yourself a title that is guaranteed to attract readers. Plus, anything related to money is going to do very well; I mean, when are we not trying to save money?

  1. 16 Brilliant Tactics To Convince Your Boss To Give You A Raise

Why it works: People love doing, witnessing, reading about and learning to do sneaky things. We know it’s wrong, to some extent, because it’s like cheating or manipulating, but how can someone resist a title that suggests tactics to manipulate your boss into giving you more money, for example?

  1. 10 Most Effective Hacks For Waking Up On Time

Why it works: First, you need something everyone hates – for example, waking up in the morning. Then, you need to come up with some tips to make that thing a) easier, b) quicker, c) more effective, etc. Because it’s one of those things that people are always trying to avoid and find ways around, the readers will continue to flock to these articles.

  1. 50 Outrageous Ideas For The Best Halloween Costumes

Why it works: “Outrageous”, “shocking”, “outlandish” – we need big words, strong words, bold words. These are words that attract attention. Basically, you can combine them with anything, and they will still do well, but if you are looking to give ideas or tips for something fun, like Halloween costumes, birthday parties, cakes, etc. you have an even better shot.

“How To” Titles

How To posts will always be popular because there is such a large demand for this kind of teaching content. We can see this in blog posts, but also in YouTube videos, where tutorial-type content gets millions of hits across several different niches.

Pro tip: You’ll want to have a “How To” title for this kind of blog post because it is searched for often and is guaranteed to attract a lot of readers.

  1. How To Repair Your Windshield In 5 Easy Steps

Why it works: First thing’s first: it tackles a problem that is common in everyday life, and that happens to everyone. It’s something relatively minor, but still a pain in the butt, so any tips are welcome. Furthermore, it has the added advantage of being presented as a step-by-step process, with the magical number included.

  • How To Quickly Cook Dinner Fast

Why it works: Again, a common situation that is in no way dramatic; it’s not a matter of life and death. But usually, it’s a process that takes some time, which is why the qualifier “fast” is going to look so attractive to whoever comes across this title. After all, who doesn’t want to shave some minutes off long, boring activities?

  1. How To Effectively Train Your Cat

Why it works: “Effectively” is one of the words that give you authority and instill confidence in your audience. In addition, if you couple it with an activity that often fails or that is easily undone or seems impossible, you will be sure to see an increase in the hits the post gets.

  1. How To Change Your Eating Habits

Why it works: Going for something that most people want is always a safe bet. In this case, it’s changing your eating habits, which is something a lot of people struggle with. That is exactly why they will be attracted to your post; no matter how many times they fail, they still hope there is a magical recipe.

  1. How To Lose Weight Without Exercising

Why it works: Speaking of bold claims earlier, this is a great example of one. Making a shocking statement, that is known to be either impossible or extremely difficult, is already going t cause enough of a stir, but if you also make it a “How To”, there is no stopping you, my friend.

  1. How To Give Up Smoking Forever

Why it works: “Forever” is a long time, and that’s exactly why it’s going to bring you loads of readers. We have lots of recurring negative situations, from medical problems to addictions to bad relationships – would we all like to get rid of them for good? Forever? You show them how.

  1. How To Sew A Dress The Right Way

Why it works: Adding the qualifier “The Right Way” automatically implies that there is a wrong way. Actually, it kind of implies that most people are actually doing it the wrong way, regardless of the activity mentioned. Anyone who reads this title will secretly think that they’ve been doing it wrong; they’ll be curious, and they absolutely have to check, just to be sure they’re right.

  1. The Beginner’s Guide To Journaling

Why it works: As I mentioned earlier, acquiring skills is not easy, but it’s something a lot of people are interested in. And as you may know, when you are new to a particular skill, it can be intimidating, and you don’t know where to start. Enter beginner’s guides. These posts will cause readers’ antennas’ to go up because it promises to teach them all they have to know about a certain subject, all the basics. And what can be easier than that?

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