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Meet part of the panda coalition for better content

Tiberiu Iavorenciuc - I'm not a coffee addict! CEO Panda

In fact he really is! In the mornings, during his two (large) cups of coffee, Tiberiu likes to personally respond to customers and plan the day ahead. Even if he will never admit it, our CEO is human, just like the rest of us, with simple needs and big dreams. Although he sometimes talks too much, his spirit and enthusiasm push us forward to our ultimate goal: a world with better content!

Andreea Mihalache - The Word Tamer CEO and Content Editor Panda

Among many defining characteristics Andreea may have, probably the most important one is her love for fluffy things. No, she isn't the one who came up with the name, but her passion for pandas definitely played a role. Apart from her obvious desire to create a world with better content, she also hopes that one day we are going to invent real minions that will play a part in our day by day life.

Diana D. - Natural Born Writer Content Writing Panda

Diana, an American Studies graduate, is a full-time copywriter and part-time aspiring fiction writer. She likes black cats, strong morning coffee, Daria, sarcasm, American literature and liquid eyeliner. She hopes to one day publish her own book of short stories, but that’s a long way ahead.